The Purpose of Marketing Online

Marketing, in general, is designed to help a business and get the word out about what they do. The business may have a special or particular product they want to promote as well so they market it. The marketing can be done in the form of a billboard, radio commercial, TV commercial, website, video ad, search engine ad, online display ad, email, or direct mail piece. Some businesses still even use newspapers and magazines as a form of marketing and advertising. Online marketing is more relevant because the average adult spends almost 30 hours a week online. Why should businesses market online?

Drive Traffic to Website

The main reason businesses choose to market themselves online is to drive more traffic to their website. The web design helps with converting customers once they get there. If the site is easy to navigate and has the information the consumer was searching for, they stay on the site longer. The phone number and other contact information should also be easy to find with the web design as it helps to convert these visitors into customers.

Increase Foot Traffic

Online marketing works hand in hand with other marketing to get paying customers through the doors. A good way to determine if the online marketing is working is to determine if foot traffic has increased while running online campaigns. If a company is running a specific special online, this makes it even easier because they can drill down even further.


There are a few types of online marketing that increase awareness and visibility to a business. Online display ads are one of the most popular. These are used similarly to billboards on a highway except they can be drilled down to a target market. For example, if a business only wants to show the ad to people interested in buying a home, who are between the ages of 30-55, and live in St. Louis, Missouri, they are able to. The same goes for video ads that may show on sites such as YouTube. Another awareness advertising businesses do online is email marketing. Consumers may not need the service right when they get the email but they may remember seeing something about it when they do need the service.

Online marketing is a powerful tool in today’s marketplace. It is affordable and easy to track. It is also easy enough that a business can do this themselves or hire someone for much less than other types of marketing.


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